Friday, April 21, 2006

Surrendering to French culture

You don't have to go far in New Orleans to see a French flag. It's really odd to see them with politics the way they are today. Insulting France today is almost as American as apple pie. They really celebrate French culture here though, for obvious reasons I guess (being founded by the French and all). I think it's great and makes the city really unique. It's just odd to adjust to.

Of course one of the most famous places in New Orleans is the French Quarter.

We ended up driving around the French Quarter today at lunch. BIG difference from the Warehouse district. Lots' of foot traffic. Mostly because there was some kind of festival and a lot of loud music. The buildings are a lot different as well. As soon as you cross Canal Street it's like you are in a different city. We went the wrong way on some small one way while down there so that was fun! Luckily there wasn't any traffic on it. Some festival security guy stopped us to let us know. I guess that's a good thing.

We plan to go to the Cafe du Monde tomorrow. I've got to work for a little while tomorrow though. Hopefully we can fit the cafe and the D-Day trip in during the daylight hours.


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