Monday, April 10, 2006

Bill W. is spinning in his grave

If you ever find yourself wondering what the fine folks in the city of New Orleans are doing at any given moment, the odds are pretty good they are getting drunk.

Every restaurant we've seen so far has had a bar and every stool on those bars have been taken.

Today we went to the Ugly Dog Saloon ( The place pretty much lives up to it's name. Here we are getting a burger surrounded by a bunch of drunks. I've got to tell you that it's a really odd experience to sqeeze yourself up to the bar and ask for a coke refill! We aren't very cool.
I like the layout though. There are a bunch of tables and there wasn't any loud music. There were some tv's at the bar showing sports. Hornets and Braves. Braves were winning. I hope they don't blow it now that we're home.

I noticed that we live near the D-Day museum. I've got to check that out some day. I bet it's cool. Another destination is the Riverwalk. It's only two or three blocks. That might be something to do this weekend. That or TV. We'll see.

Everyone at work said we were really lucky to get an apartment in the spot we did. It's really tough to get a place to stay around town these days.

BTW - The walk to work wasn't that bad. Only 15 minutes. I might actually get into shape living here.


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