Saturday, April 15, 2006

No news is good news

No posts lately because we've finally settled into a routine of eating at home and watching TV all the time. Good times!

Yesterday I got a chance to see Metarie, a NOLA suburb, for the first time. The traffic was a nightmare and it took way too long to get there. I don't know how we made it all the way there and back without a traffic accident. NOLA drivers are aggressive to say the least. We had dinner at some place called O'Henry's (sort of like Logan's Roadhouse if you know what that it). We saw a guy with a Bama hat sitting at the ... wait for it ..... BAR! The streak lives! Side note: this is the second Bama hat we've seen this week and no LSU or Aubie hats.

The purpose of our trip was to go to Walmart. Unfortunately the Walmart we went to was a regular Walmart and not a Super Walmart. I can't believe that there are still regular Walmarts. They are pretty much worthless. I need socks and a gallon of milk in the same store. If you can't do that then you are dead to me. That might be the last time we go to Metarie. The same stuff is in Harvey and Gretna which are like 5 minutes away.

We tell ourselves we're going to the Riverwalk tomorrow. Got to get to the D-day museume too. Don't know if it's open on Sunday. We'll see.


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