Sunday, April 09, 2006

The most important thing...

The most important thing in any city is of course TV. More importantly, can I watch the Atlanta Braves every night? The answer in New Orleans is no. I saw a game on fox sports the other day only to learn that it was the Texas Rangers (we get fox sports southwest not south). Then I go to UPN and another game only it's the Astros. What? Two teams that I wouldn't mind seeing contracted are on all the time over here.

Luckily there is still TBS. I can mute Chip Carey and enjoy the mighty Bravos.

A sign perhaps today. The Braves were getting their hats handed to them and I told Aubie I was ready to go on our walk. We get back from Lucy's and they are winning!

This can only mean one thing. We will be spending all of October at Lucy's.


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