Saturday, April 15, 2006

Kenny Rogers is alright with me

Finally we left the house!

We left with the intentions of taking pictures of the city but it got dark fast and our pictures look like garbage. As we walked we ran into Harrah's casino. We decided to check it out.

It was my first time in a casino. The place was huge and it had wall to wall video poker machines. We walked around and looked at them and watched people play. Finally we decided to throw down $2o and test our luck.

I looked longingly at the blackjack tables but couldn't justify throwing down the minimum 15 dollars it took to sit down. It was on to the slots.

First thing. No matter what type of slot you play you have to throw down $5. It doesn't matter if you are playing penny slots, you just get a bunch of turns. I watched Aubie play unsuccessfully for a while before I tried it myself. I played some game which I probably will never understand. Anyway it was a nickel slot and somehow I ended up winning $14 on my first try! I played a few more times and didn't win $14 again so I cashed out and moved on.

Eventually I moved on to a penny slot with Kenny Rogers on the front. I put my $5 in and COULD NOT give it to the casino. I kept winning. I never made more than $6 but I never had fewer than $4. You can spend the entire night at that thing. It was pretty fun. I cashed out with $5.02. Take that Harrahs!

Aubie lent me 10 dollars when I walked into the place and somehow I walked away with around 20. I don't think I lost more than 1 dollar total the whole night. I had an old professor who insisted that the house always wins. I guess he never met me! OK, he did but he was wrong.

The bartender got a some of my winnings though. Plus I tipped a lot because that's how I roll.

When you talk to people they tell you that you get free drinks. What they might not tell you is that those drinks are horrible. I decided to go and get a real drink from the bar. The guy up there is quite a story.

He seemed to think he was Tom Cruise in Cocktail. He flipped vodka bottles and popped beer tops so that they would fly into the air. I wasn't that impressed but felt like I had to act like I was because the poor guy was trying so hard. Plus he was really confident. I guess that's how you pull it off. He also had dumb jokes like asking me if I had another credit card. I said no and he said good, I wouldn't need one. The guys at the bar yukked it up. We all had a good forced laugh. Good times.

All in all it was a fun experience but I don't think I have to worry about any gambler's anonymous meeting anytime soon.


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