Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Feet don't fail me now

Aubie and I aren't very active people so it's not surprising that we are really tired from all the walking you have to do in the city. We are just pitiful. All we do is complain about our feet. We have to keep reminding ourselves to suck it up.

She met me for lunch today and we went to the tallest building in the city - One Shell Square. It's on Poydras street. There's a buffet place somewhere on the first floor. Wish I could remember what that place is. It's good stuff. They had chinese on one row and ribs and sides on the other. The perfect place for us! I hate chinese and she loves it. Now we can have the best of both worlds.

Also in the city, there is an election going on and I'd like to meet the person here who doesn't know about it. Every single commercial on TV is a political ad and there are 1 million candidates. Everything from Mayor to city council to sheriff. I'm just waiting for the commercial for dogcatcher.

Elsewhere on the tube, the weather guys on the news constantly talk about how wonderful the weather is and I'd like to slap them. It's really hot. I miss winter!!! I guess I'm really lucky that it's not raining.

As for the sights, I hear a lot about the French Quarter and we've never been near it. There are a bunch of places we haven't seen so I guess we can just add that to the list. Luckily we've got a long time to go explore. I really like living in the city. It's kind of like being on vacation except for all the time we have to waste at work.


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