Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Anniversary

Today was a somber day.

A day to remember those who were lost and those who suffered. It's also a day to think about those who are still suffering.

Click on the NOLA blog links to the right to see what those who were there have to say about this day.

All we can say is that we love living here and wouldn't want to be in any other place in the world.

God Bless New Orleans.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Juan's Flying Burrito

We managed to actually go Uptown this weekend. It's like a whole other city!

We stopped at Juan's Flying Burrito.

The atmosphere of the place was unique - for us anyway. They play really loud music and seem to cater to "alternative" types of people. I felt out of place since I don't have wild hair, tatoos and/or body piercings. I never thought of us as "conservative" types but when you get down to it I guess we really are. Nevertheless, we always seem to wander into the "hip" joints.

We are getting too old.

Mexican food is yet another of the many types of food that Aubie loves and I fear and try to avoid. Remember the sushi joint Rock-n-sake that I talked about earlier? (BTW - You wouldn't believe how many hits we get from google searches for that place).

I'm broadening my culinary horizons here in NOLA though so we went.

We had some chips for an entree. The dip was some sort of salsa/bean/sour cream/jalapeno/rice/cheese combo. It was really good.

I then had the "famous" flying burrito. It was pretty good as far as burritos go. The thing was HUGE. I saw people pick theirs up and eat it with their hands but I am apparently too uncoordinated for that. It comes in a little french fry basket covered with a little wax paper. I managed to destroy the paper with my fork and spent a lot of time trying not to leave my food on the table.

Aubie made me present her gripes so she won't have to bother to post. They are as follows.

1) You have to pay for chips and salsa.

Every other Mexican restaurant we've ever been to has offered them for free.

2) The salsa was chunky

Aubie is a fan of watered down salsa. Chunky salsa makes Aubie angry!

Alas, I have no picture of the Miller Lite I drank. You'll have to trust me when I tell you it was ice cold and delicious.

Katrina films

The anniversary of Katrina is next Tuesday so there are a lot of retrospectives coming our way. Two movies we intend to see are When The Levees Broke and Hurricane on the Bayou.

We're probably going to watch the Spike Lee movie just to say we saw it. It airs in two parts on HBO tomorrow and Tuesday.

Hurricane on the Bayou premiers at the IMAX theatre on August 29. It seems really interesting. Read more here. The last showing is 6pm so we'll have to miss it. We're going to check it out over the weekend.

Monday, August 14, 2006

New Orleans sunset

Aubie was out of town this weekend so I decided to take a walk on Saturday. This is a shot of the sky at sunset as I looked over the Mississippi. I was right in front of the IMAX theatre.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

The New Orleans Lover

This billboard is/was on the corner of St. Charles and MLK. Read the story here.

This guy's friend Ian put it up in retaliation for printing shirts that declare "Ian: What a fag." I have to go see if it's still up. Hilarious.

Check out his official website.

Hash House Harriers and the Red Dress Run

I'm not in the loop around here. I always find out about happenings in the warehouse district when I see them. Last Saturday was white linen night. Basically, everyone walks around wearing white linen, sipping martinis and visiting art galleries. It happens on the first Saturday of every August.

Today's event, which comes on the second Saturday of August, was the Red Dress Run. Again, it's just like it sounds. Everybody, men and women, go on a run while wearing red dresses. Afterwards, they all go out on a pub crawl.

When I got home I looked it up and discovered that this is an annual thing sponsored by the New Orleans Hash House Harriers. These are also the guys, I just discovered, who are behind the "biker night" that I talked about in the last post.

The run started at Tuckers. That's where I saw everybody. There were about 50 people standing outside of Tuckers and more slowly streaming out. It was later in the day so I must have seen everyone post run. All were dressed up in their little red dresses. As I'm walking along I realize that I'm the only person around not wearing a red dress. It's a very odd feeling to say the least! They need to prepare a guy for this. Anyway, everyone looked to be having the time of their life so I say good for them.

The Hash House Harriers are an international running club with chapters in every major city. You can learn more about them here

Needless to say, August is an interesting month around here. Can't wait to see what happens next week.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Tucker's update

A few posts down you'll notice our review of Tuckers. Last Friday night the place turned into a biker bar. There must have been at least 30 motorcycles parked in front of the place! I don't know how they fit them all in on the sidewalk.

No, we didn't go in. I am working on convincing Aubie that I need to get a chopper for myself though.

Mid life crisis - HERE I COME!

No TV + no internet = no fun

Cox cable sucks. I need my TV and internet. There were a lot of people out of both for a couple of days in our area. They say it had something to do with "improvements."

Life without TV and internet is sad and meaningless. Aubie and I were forced to talk to each other or even worse - read.

The saddest thing is that Aubie went to the gym yesterday ONLY to watch Big Brother on the treadmill. I missed it because I was too busy concentrating on breathing and not having a heart attack.

Luckily we are back on the grid today.

Quick note about the gym. We've gone every weekday since the 1st. At the time we go it's virtually empty. It is unbelievably awesome. That day we went at a different time for television purposes the place was packed! Maybe their cable was out too.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Gym life

For better or worse we're gym people now. We joined Elmwood yesterday and now are card carrying members.

Aubie is better at the elliptical and I am very jealous. It's gonna be strictly treadmill action for poor, pitiful, uncoordinated me.

Today was the first day that I went to the cardio room at Elmwood. It's pretty cool. I think I mentioned that they have flat screen TV's on all the equipment. That's a good thing. I lost track of time flipping through the channels.

We quickly regained that track when we walked home. Our 20 minute walk probably stretched out to 40.

We are tired, sore and ornery.

One Canal Place

We went to One Canal Place over the weekend.

It's another mall with stuff that I don't really want. They basically have furniture and high end clothing stores. That's pretty much it. Nothing fun like a book store or a video game store. There's a movie theatre but the showings are horrible. There's also an actual theatre as well. It might be cool to check out a show sometime.

The cool thing is that on the third floor they have a barber and a salon right next to each other! We might walk over there the next time we need a hair cut. It only took us 5 months to find it.