Saturday, August 12, 2006

Hash House Harriers and the Red Dress Run

I'm not in the loop around here. I always find out about happenings in the warehouse district when I see them. Last Saturday was white linen night. Basically, everyone walks around wearing white linen, sipping martinis and visiting art galleries. It happens on the first Saturday of every August.

Today's event, which comes on the second Saturday of August, was the Red Dress Run. Again, it's just like it sounds. Everybody, men and women, go on a run while wearing red dresses. Afterwards, they all go out on a pub crawl.

When I got home I looked it up and discovered that this is an annual thing sponsored by the New Orleans Hash House Harriers. These are also the guys, I just discovered, who are behind the "biker night" that I talked about in the last post.

The run started at Tuckers. That's where I saw everybody. There were about 50 people standing outside of Tuckers and more slowly streaming out. It was later in the day so I must have seen everyone post run. All were dressed up in their little red dresses. As I'm walking along I realize that I'm the only person around not wearing a red dress. It's a very odd feeling to say the least! They need to prepare a guy for this. Anyway, everyone looked to be having the time of their life so I say good for them.

The Hash House Harriers are an international running club with chapters in every major city. You can learn more about them here

Needless to say, August is an interesting month around here. Can't wait to see what happens next week.


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