Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday Night Football

Aubie's uncle and aunt were in town tonight. We all went to Tuckers to watch the game. It was pretty fun. The place was packed and they had about 6 screens along with audio everywhere you could go.

They even had a party bus sitting outside. It had a TV on the outside and a couple inside. You couldn't do too much inside because people staked out the seats pretty early.

You might be interested to know that everyone there booed Spike Lee when they interviewed him. I thought that was hilarious.

A good time topped off with a Saints win!

All I got to say is.....WHO DAT?


Blogger dillyberto said...

World Class recovery is the feeling that we all have this week.

A colleague of mine comments on how he didn't actually win anything Monday. How ridiculous we are that we should celebrate a victory!

We are celebrating the victory that we all have in common.

In this day of media pressure to be white, black, hispanic, gay, straight, young, old et alia, NO MATTER the walk of life

We all have the Saints.

On the inside we have a smerk. People are not honking at delayed starts at traffic lights the way they normally would.

Productivity at work is up because of the spark that was struck Monday.

Believe the hype.

Our Community does.

1:50 PM  

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