Sunday, August 20, 2006

Juan's Flying Burrito

We managed to actually go Uptown this weekend. It's like a whole other city!

We stopped at Juan's Flying Burrito.

The atmosphere of the place was unique - for us anyway. They play really loud music and seem to cater to "alternative" types of people. I felt out of place since I don't have wild hair, tatoos and/or body piercings. I never thought of us as "conservative" types but when you get down to it I guess we really are. Nevertheless, we always seem to wander into the "hip" joints.

We are getting too old.

Mexican food is yet another of the many types of food that Aubie loves and I fear and try to avoid. Remember the sushi joint Rock-n-sake that I talked about earlier? (BTW - You wouldn't believe how many hits we get from google searches for that place).

I'm broadening my culinary horizons here in NOLA though so we went.

We had some chips for an entree. The dip was some sort of salsa/bean/sour cream/jalapeno/rice/cheese combo. It was really good.

I then had the "famous" flying burrito. It was pretty good as far as burritos go. The thing was HUGE. I saw people pick theirs up and eat it with their hands but I am apparently too uncoordinated for that. It comes in a little french fry basket covered with a little wax paper. I managed to destroy the paper with my fork and spent a lot of time trying not to leave my food on the table.

Aubie made me present her gripes so she won't have to bother to post. They are as follows.

1) You have to pay for chips and salsa.

Every other Mexican restaurant we've ever been to has offered them for free.

2) The salsa was chunky

Aubie is a fan of watered down salsa. Chunky salsa makes Aubie angry!

Alas, I have no picture of the Miller Lite I drank. You'll have to trust me when I tell you it was ice cold and delicious.


Blogger jeffrey said...

Popped in to Juan's myself this weekend. The Guacamole there is always really good

2:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

went to juan's today. It's awesome.

12:48 PM  

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