Tuesday, July 18, 2006

This blog will be useful someday

I love statcounter. I check it everytime I'm online. For anyone who doesn't know it basically does what it's name says. It keeps stats. Stats like what website linked a visitor to us.

So I'm rooting around today and I look through "keyword analysis". The deal here is if you search google and found our site statcounter tells me what keywords you used. Most of the hits are people looking for reviews of stuff in NOLA. I think that might be our little niche here.

I actually use a lot of the same keywords and look for the same kinds of stuff that I see in the counter so it's funny when this blog shows up sometimes.

Right now the popular keywords are the two gyms I mentioned earlier. Therefore, I promise to give a thorough review of Elmwood when we start going.

One final note. You wouldn't know it but there are a LOT of people who google for streetcar videos. I had no idea they were so popular. I'll have to take some more video next time we're out.


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