Monday, July 03, 2006

Harrah's buffet

Today we got the chance to check out the buffet at Harrah's. Everyone I know raves about the lunch buffet so we figured we'd give the dinner one a try.

Have to say - it's overrated. Especially for the price. $20 bucks a person. Wow.

It's just like any other buffet I guess. To tell you the truth we prefer Ryans or Piccadilly or just about any other buffet we ever had. Not that we hated it. Just wasn't anything special. I liked the boneless ribs and the Texas chili. I hated the mashed potatoes and the ice cream.

It had the one quality I hate most about some restaurants. You can only have Pepsi products. I'd rather drink water. Horrible. I HATE YOU PEPSI.

Another thing is that they sit you right next to other people. It's really uncomfortable to be so close to people you don't know.

Afterwards we had to stop and gamble some. I'm really good. We played 5 dollars on some poker machine. I kept winning! Granted I was winning a quarter here or a dollar there. We must have spent a half hour to 40 minutes at that thing. It was pretty fun. Hate to say it but eventually it all came crashing down. Once I got back down to $5 we cashed out and left.

We stopped at the Cajun Market to get some mustard on the way home. TAKE THAT WALMART! We contribute to our community.


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