Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Gordon Biersch

We went to Gordon Biersch this weekend. It was actually my second trip. I love this place!

Basically it's a restaurant with a brewery. They make their own stuff and I'm in love with "Marzen." It tastes good and has twice the alcohol content of regular beers.

First things first. Everytime you walk in they offer you samples of the home brew. FREE BEER!

They line them up next to a menu that describes what they are. It's very cool.

Other then that the place is just like a lot of restaurants. I ordered the meatloaf which was awesome. I love meatloaf though so I don't think you can screw that up. I had a hamburger the first time and it was good too.

I love that this place is so close to us. It's right across the street from Harrahs. Obviously it's very touristy but I'm OK with that these days.


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