Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Gym hunting update

So we've spent the last 24 hours thinking about what gym we like. After a lot of thought I've come to the conclusion that the deciding factor will have to be location. We need somewhere that's close so we can walk. We don't have much time in the afternoon to be wasting fighting traffic. The only time I'm ever in a car is on the weekends when we go grocery shopping or something like that. I'd like to keep it that way. Weekday driving is for the birds.

I talked to some folks at work and we all agree that there are really only two choices within reasonable walking distance - Elmwood and St. Charles Athletic Club. Elmwood is far and away the most convenient for me since I can get to the downtown location in about 2 minutes. To go to St. Charles we'd either have to drive (which I've already said - sucks) or walk under the Business 90 overpass. This second option sucks even more because we'd rather not be hanging around under the overpass - especially at night.

After location, the next consideration is price. Here is the price rundown on the two contenders.

St. Charles Athletic Club
$49 a month for one person- $79 a month for two people.
$150 application fee - waived until the end of the summer.

Grand total of $79 a month

$55 a month for one - $95 for two people.
$35 application fee for one - $60 for two.
$150 cancellation fee if cancelled before 6 months.

Grand total of $95 a month plus the $60 application fee.

So we have to decide if Elmwood's location is worth more than the initial 60 dollars plus the extra 16 dollars a month.

Not to ruin the suspense or anything but I'm thinking it is.

I talked to a guy who said he's going to switch to Elmwood and there are a couple people at work who already go. The bad thing about it is that it's closed on the weekends. There's a plus there, though. You can go to the Harahan location for free from Friday afternoon until Sunday night. People talk about that one like it's the Taj Mahal. It's got basketball courts, swimming pools, rock climbing - you name it. I've got to check it out. It will also give me a chance to see the infamous Huey Long bridge that I hear so much about - bonus.

Aubie has to go travel the freaking world for the next two weeks. We're gonna go check out Elmwood when she gets back. I'm already sold. She wants to see it first before she decides. Hopefully we can get started sometime in the next few weeks.


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