Saturday, April 08, 2006

Home Sweet Home

We're finally here!

We were scared that there would be rain but there was only a little for the first 10 minutes of the drive. It was sunny the rest of the way.

The apartment seems bigger then we orginally thought. Maybe that has something to do with the higher ceilings. We set everything up pretty quickly. Aubie set up the wireless internet in a flash.

First trip after we finished unpacking was to go eat. We stopped at Mother's. It was convenient to get to, right on Poydras. The walls are covered with newspapers articles about Mother's and autographed photos from celebrities. You get in line and give your order to a guy behind the counter. Then they call your name when it's ready. We all had PoBoys. The sandwiches were really good but the bread pudding (which is supposed to be a big deal there) was overrated. I didn't finish mine and I don't do that often!

Overall a good choice.

On the drive home I'm convinced that I saw former wrestler Bill Goldberg at an intersection. He was the spitting image and he had a photographer walking with him.

We got a digital camera today so pictures should be coming soon.


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