Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Random sports stuff

Little bro reminded me about a couple of things.

Of course I watched the finals of the NBA and Stanley Cup. Heat and Hurricanes won. Good series on both counts. They are overshadowed here by soccer - sucks for them.

Speaking of the World Cup - USA can win if Czech Republic wins. There just has to be a huge goal differential with Czechs and US combining to win by more than 4 or 5 goals. I can't remember and I can't look it up because I haven't seen the games for today yet - they're still waiting on TIVO.

USA-Ghana and Czech-Italy are both on at the same time tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to rule.

Also, the NFL is 77 days away. I plan on giving much love to the Saints. I've got to learn to stop hating Reggie Bush.

Most importantly - there will be much talk of the MIGHTY CRIMSON TIDE here. 72 DAYS AWAY! Bama plays LSU in Baton Rouge this year so I MUST GET TICKETS.


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