Saturday, June 10, 2006

World Cup Fever

Yeah, I got it. Deal with it.

I have decided to make a commitment to watch all 64 games. So far I've seen 3. Right now I'm in the middle of game 4, Sweeden v. Trinidad. It's tied 0-0 at the half but still really exciting. Lots of blocked shots and near misses. This team calling this game should do every single one of them. The color commentator for the England game - SUCKS! Make him stop talking.

I liked the Germany game (lots of scoring - nice). The Ecuador game - eh, not so much. As for England-Paraguay, well, if you missed the last 85 minutes you didn't miss much. Some poor guy scored an own goal off a Beckham shot really early on. That was all of the scoring. I hope the Paraguay guy doesn't get shot or anything.

There are only 3 games a day and these things are really amazing on time. I TIVO them and they go 2 hours almost constantly. I'm definitely not missing the commercials.


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