Saturday, June 10, 2006

Bird watching

I get a lot of grief for this but one of the toughest classes I had in college was bird watching. There must be a million different birds and they have these small little differences. Basically you have to pay close attention and that's not really my strong suit. I complained the whole time, in private, how dumb and useless the whole thing was.

Even so, whenever I see birds now I always stop and look for a while to check them out. If I've got my camera with me I take an embarrassing amount of pictures. Every time Aubie convinces me not to post about it. I always agree. Not this time!

Here in the city I don't see a lot of robins or cardinals or anything like that. What I see, constantly, is pigeons. At least I think that's what they are. I really should have paid more attention in class.

So, today I'm walking along, oblivious to everything, listening to my XM radio, when I notice that I'm surrounded by a group of these little guys. Did I escape? Don't be silly, of course I did.

Once I saw them I had to take some pictures. Here are the two types of little guys I saw.

I'll spare you, but here's one last video of a pigeon doing his thing.

Thanks Dr. Blewitt, wherever you are.


Blogger spidersharp said...

New College hippy learning in the real world. Nice. Dirty hippy

9:45 AM  
Blogger Bama said...

Ha! I knew it would come in handy one day.

You should have taken the class too. Your loss.

12:36 PM  

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