Thursday, June 01, 2006

Ray Nagin's inauguration

One of the nice things about New Orleans is that no matter where you are there's a chance that out of nowhere you'll hear music. That happens every Wednesday at my office around 5pm. It happened around 11am today. I had no idea what in the world was going on but I looked down on Poydras street and saw a parade going on.

It turns out today was Mayor Nagin's inauguration day.

The mayor was riding along in a horse drawn carriage. There were actually two carriages in the parade but the one carrying the mayor was obvious. First of all there were about 6 of NOLA's finest on motorcycles surrounding him. Second there was the glow of his bald head. Finally there was the sight of his wife's ridiculously awesome hat. I don't know if it can be seen from outer space but I promise you that it can be seen from around 30 stories up.

To be honest the whole thing looked kind of ridiculous because there wasn't exactly a crowd outside cheering. All it accomplished was creating a massive traffic jam. For some reason he decided to stop in front of my building and talk to some guy for a long time. I felt bad for the poor people behind him waiting for this thing to pass by.

The music was good though. And the guys in the band had some really colorful costumes. That was good for us because everyone looks like ants from way up high. has more pictures. They've got all the video of the ceremonies as well.


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