Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Cowboy Mouth loves New Orleans

I finally got to see Cowboy Mouth. I only stayed for a little while. The temperature in NOLA right now is about 200 degrees. It didn't affect the crowd though. The place was packed yet again.

I've never been to any CM live shows so I was kind of surprised to hear one song and then 5 minutes of talking, one song, 10 minutes of talking, etc. I guess that's their thing. The theme of the monologues was basically that NOLA is the greatest place in the world. Obviously everyone was really receptive to that message. They even talked about what high schools they went to and everyone would cheer. They feel about NOLA the same way you might feel about America - fiercely patriotic.

That brings me to a thing I've noticed about New Orleaneans in general. People here seem intent on letting you know that they grew up here. If you do anything that indicates that you might be from out of town they will point it out. I really don't think it's a disrespect thing. All the same, it's still odd. We lived in Atlanta for a few years and no one ever did that. I guess that's because nobody that lives in Atlanta was born there.

You don't have to be here long to understand that NOLA is a one of kind city. The people here really love it and are proud to call it home.


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