Friday, May 12, 2006

Warehouse District bar hopping - or what passes for it

An observation on the Warehouse district in New Orleans at 10pm on a Friday night. If you are not on Tchoupitoulous Street the place is a freaking ghost town. We literally saw no one on Magazine, Julia or any other street until we crossed the Tchoup. The recap goes as follows.

Around 9:30 tonight we decided that we should go to the bar. The original plan was to go to Polynesian Joe's because it was ridiculously close, has a sand volleyball court and I walk past that court every day. It turns out that polyjoes doesn't re-open for 3 more days. I guess we have to make plans to check that out another day.

The next plan was to go to Lucy's but that didn't work out either because frankly the place was packed out. It kind of had that "meat market" kind of vibe.

Next option was Vic's. It is an Australian themed bar. We like it and there were a moderate amount of people there. It had the most important thing any bar can ask for - a crazy drunk guy at the bar who was in a heated discussion with some dude he just met. That other guy's girlfriend was, of course, desperate to leave.

We went upstairs to play a game of pool. Guess who won? :)

Before we left I had no choice but to put my money in the jukebox and play "Sweet Home Alabama." Then we went about drunk dialing a certain blog spammer who shall remain nameless.

We left and walked past Emerils. It was filled with people, in their Sunday best, sipping wine. Of course we couldn't stop there. I guess we really need to check it out someday though.

The next and final stop was Tchoup-N-Joes. (I don't think they even have a webpage). I did my research before and found that some people don't care for the place.

I don't know what they were talking about. We got some chicken tenders and fries and they were PHENOMENAL. As we expected there were a grand total of about 3 people there. They had two big flat screen TV's though so we watched the Suns-Clippers game (Clips lost - boo) and had a ball.

The whole experience convinced me that

1) We are capable of having fun without other people


2) We really need to make the effort to walk to the French Quarter (the F.Q. as I have decided to start calling it).

Don't look at the time stamp under this post. If anybody asks we are still out partying with the kids.


Blogger C&N said...

F.Q rocks, man! Thanks for the shout-out.

7:49 AM  

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